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Heather Cunliffe, chef and owner of Café Bliss, offers an array of inspired, mouthwatering recipes that highlight how raw food can not only be beneficial to our health but a complete and decadent experience of the senses.

Growing up on the luscious coast of British Columbia and raised in her family's plentiful vegetable garden, Heather offers insight into the benefits of combining local and seasonal ingredients with powerful raw superfoods from around the world. She shares the journey she undertook in 2008 and how it led to owning and running one of the most popular raw food cafés in the Pacific Northwest.

With more than forty full color photographs paired with easy-to-follow recipes, this book is a perfect addition to any foodie's bookshelf. Favorite recipes from the Bliss kitchen include the "Spicy Nori Stix", a vegan pepperoni stick, "Chocolate Raspberry Orgasm Cake" a dairy-free cheesecake made of cacao and raspberry and "The Bliss Kiss", a delicious raw chocolate truffle that will convert any non-believer.

Praise for Blissful

"Gentleness and grace is her natural disposition, yet Heather executes her craft with Cut-throat Mastery!"

Cosmo Meens, co-founder of Mo:Le Restaurant

"Café Bliss is one of my favourite places to eat in North America. Heather Cunliffe is 100% dedicated to outrageously high-quality food that is colourful, in-season, organic, raw and very delicious -- Heather's recipes are world-class! It is my firm belief that you will find many of the recipes contained in this colourful book become your favourites for your entire life. Bon appetite!"

Sam Graci, founder of Greens+

"I'm thrilled to see some fabulous Bliss recipes being shared with the world through this beautiful book. Now everyone can enjoy some of that bountiful Bliss spirit."

Angela Stokes-Monarch,

Eat for the future - Follow your bliss